1. illuminant, luminary, luminant, illumination; light, light vessel, lampad; lamplet, gas lamp, oil lamp, Carcel lamp, Argand lamp, petane lamp, Hefner lamp; table lamp, floor lamp, bridge lamp, music lamp, piano lamp, night light, picture light, wall-washer; lantern, railroad lantern, magic lantern, Chinese lantern, Japanese lantern, paper lantern, jack-o'-lantern.
2. electric light, incandescent light, fluorescent light, neon light, infra-red light, ultra-violet light; carbon light, vacuum tube, tungsten light, tantalum lamp, vapor lamp, mercury lamp, mercury-arc lamp, arc lamp; flashlight, battery lamp, Brit. electric torch, Brit. Inf. torch, freon tube; spotlight, baby spotlight, Inf. spot, Brit. limelight, Films. pickle, Films. rifle; floodlight, floodlamp, Inf. flood, Films. klieg light, searchlight.
3. signal light, beacon, flare, lighthouse, pilot light, buoy light; traffic light, Inf. stop-and-go, red light, green light; airport landing light, radio-range beacon, navigation light, course light, approach light, obstruction light, fixed light.
4.(all of vehicles) headlight, headlamp, fog light, sidelight, taillight, brake light, directional light, Inf. directional, turn indicator, Inf. signal, emergency light, Inf. flasher.
5. candle, taper, tallow, wax, bayberry candle, rush candle, rushlight; corpse candle, death light.
6. chandelier, globe, light globe, light fixture, candelabra, gas fixture, gasolier; bulb, electric bulb, filament, carbon filament, tungsten filament; tube, vacuum tube, Braun tube, Crookes tube, Geissler tube; burner, gas burner, Argand burner, Bunsen burner; mantle, gas mantle, Welsbach mantle; jet, gas jet.
7. inspiration, inspirer, Hinduism. guru; teacher, mentor, good influence; stimulus, galvanizer, animator, awakener, rouser.
8.Slang. look at, ogle, eye, give [s.o.] the eye.

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